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  • 10 Ways to Senior Proof Your Home

    10 Ways to Senior Proof Your Home

    There's a good reason why every elderly person should look for ways to senior proof your home. Every year about 7,000 elderly deaths are reported as a result of home-related accidents, and millions sustain injuries.

    Many risks are associated with the elderly living independently, which is why some people choose to place their loved ones in assisted living homes. However, it is much more comfortable for elderly people to live out the rest of their lives in their own homes. Some of the risks associated with independent elderly living are falls, burns, drowning, and other accidents.

  • Adjustable Chairs for the Elderly

    Adjustable Chairs for the Elderly

    There are many different types of adjustable chairs for the elderly. Adjustable chairs are designed for comfort, posture, and ease-of-use.

  • Kitchen Aids for the Elderly

    Kitchen Aids for the Elderly

    There are kitchen aids for the elderly, and disabled that most Seniors aren't even aware of. These kitchen aids are made to make life safer, and easier for the elderly, and disabled in the dining room, and kitchen.

    The kitchen is a hazardous environment for seniors. There is a high risk for cuts, burns, and other dangerous accidents. Kitchen aids were designed for elderly, disabled, independent living at home, or for personal use in a restaurant.

  • Oxygen Safety in the Home

    Oxygen Safety in the Home

    Home oxygen therapy can be fatal if oxygen safety precautions in the home are not taken into consideration. Oxygen safety in the home is essential for oxygen users.

    General fire safety procedures should be followed in accordance with state laws. You should always notify the local fire department when a new oxygen therapy patient receives their oxygen tanks at the home.

  • Safety in the home for Elderly

    Safety in the home for Elderly

    Safety in the home for elderly is a concern for many people around the world. Many seniors prefer to live at home as long as possible as opposed to an assisted living center, or nursing home facility.

    Living at home is comfortable, and gives seniors independence. Living at home is also the best option financially, as most seniors are on a fixed budget. Fees for assisted living, and nursing home centers can range anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000 per year.

  • Walk-in Bathtub: Safety for Seniors

    Walk-in Bathtub: Safety for Seniors

    I purchased a walk-in tub for my grandma, and it has been one of the best investments I have made since I started taking care of her. My grandma has very limited health problems, but she complains about aging, and how sometimes it just hurts to get around.

    She uses a cane for walking, but often has problems bending at the knees. Simple tasks like sitting down, standing up, or lifting a leg over the bathtub are a real challenge for her. Unfortunately, not only is it physically challenging for my grandma, but it has also caused emotional distress. She gets upset with herself because she is not physically able to do things easily anymore.

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