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Walk-in Bathtubs

  • Bathing Aids for the Disabled

    Bathing Aids for the Disabled

    There are many different types of bathing aids available on the market for the elderly, and disabled. Bathing aids promote bathroom safety for the elderly, and disabled. Bathing aids for the disabled also promote independent living.

    Bathing aids help create an easier, more comfortable bathing experience. Some elderly, and disabled need assistance with bathing when using a traditional bathtub, and traditional bathing supplies. With bathing aids, most disabled can bathe independently.

  • How to Find Walk-in Tub Replacement Parts

    Walk-in Tub Replacement Parts

    The demand for walk in tub replacement parts is increasing as the popularity of walk in tubs continues to grow. More and more walk in tubs are installed every day which leads to more and more warranties expiring as well. It’s not possible for us to list all of the walk in tub replacement parts for every possible make and model, but we can still give you some tips to keep your tub going long after the warranty is over.

  • Types of Walk in Bathtubs for Seniors

    Types of Walk in Bathtubs for Seniors

    Walk-in Bathtubs for Seniors are large bathtubs with a self-sealing door. Some walk-in tubs have a chair height seat, however, the more basic versions of walk-in tubs do not.

    The walk-in tub design creates a safe bathtub entry, and exit for seniors. Walk-in tubs actually require a low-step in, and out of the tub. This design makes the walk-in tub accessible to those with mobility issues. The walk-in bathtub for seniors, and the disabled takes up about as much space as a traditional bathtub.

  • Walk-in Bathtub: Safety for Seniors

    Walk-in Bathtub: Safety for Seniors

    I purchased a walk-in tub for my grandma, and it has been one of the best investments I have made since I started taking care of her. My grandma has very limited health problems, but she complains about aging, and how sometimes it just hurts to get around.

    She uses a cane for walking, but often has problems bending at the knees. Simple tasks like sitting down, standing up, or lifting a leg over the bathtub are a real challenge for her. Unfortunately, not only is it physically challenging for my grandma, but it has also caused emotional distress. She gets upset with herself because she is not physically able to do things easily anymore.

  • Walk-in Tub FAQs

    Walk in Tub Questions and Answers

    With so many questions surrounding the purchase of a walk-in bathtub, it's sometimes difficult to remember all of them when you meet with the salesperson. That's why MySeniorSource has put together a little Q&A section to answer some of the common questions. If we've missed anything, feel free to ask us and we'll do our best to get the answer for you!

  • Walk-in Tub Pros and Cons

    Walk-in Tub Pros and Cons

    The decision to purchase a walk-in tub is not only a big decision; it can be a difficult one. Some people love their walk-in tubs, while other people don’t. Some reviews make them sound as if they’re the best purchase a person can make, and some point out every reason why you should never get one. Perhaps worst of all is the fact that there have been a few walk-in tub companies with bad ethics who have damaged the reputation of the industry as a whole.

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