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Adjustable Chairs for the Elderly

Adjustable Chairs for the Elderly

There are many different types of adjustable chairs for the elderly. Adjustable chairs are designed for comfort, posture, and ease-of-use.

Different types of adjustable chairs:

  1. Geri Chair – The geri chair is a chair with wheels that reclines. A geri chair usually has a high back, foot ledge, and a tray. The trays can either be positioned on the sides of the chair, or in the lap position. Geri chairs are used for residential, and commercial purposes. This chair promotes many activities, such as eating, sleeping, watching tv, reading, writing, arts, and crafts. Geri chairs range in price anywhere from $500 - $12,000.
  2. Electric Lift Chair – The electric lift chair makes it easy to sit down, and get up as often as you like. It allows you to sit down effortlessly, and stand up by just touching a button. The lift technology gently pushes the chair upward to place you in a standing position. Electric chairs range in price from $450 - $1,000.
  3. High Back Day Chair – The high back day chair has a steel frame, and the leg height is adjustable. Different varieties of high back day chairs come with different features, such as three-way segmented back cushions, removable seat cushions, choice of fabric, etc. The high back day chair costs between $350 - $500.
  4. Comfort C-air Chair – The comfort c-air chair is designed for elderly, and special needs. This chair features an adjustable support that contains air cells incorporated within the design. This chair is equipped with support wings that easily fold away for mobilization. The seat reclines, and also has an adjustable calf rest, and back rest. The cost of this chair is around $2,500.
  5. Reclining Recovery Chair – This chair serves as an alternative to a bed. This chair offers comfort, security, and provides an optional tray, and IV pole. The cost is approximately $2,400.
  6. Perching Stool – The perching stool is designed for use in the home, or in the shower. This chair is rustproof, and lightweight for easy relocation. Includes non-slip feet, padded backrest, and arms for maximum safety. This chair costs approximately $150.

When you are shopping for an adjustable chair, it is best to shop in-person to find which chairs best fit your comfort needs. If you are recovering from surgery, or have limited mobility, a reclining recovery chair, or electric lift chair may be best for you.

Shopping in-person can help you determine what types of adjustable chairs meet your current, and future needs. A perching stool is a great option for walk in showers that currently do not have seating. The perching stool can be used for multiple purposes, and is generally less expensive than other adjustable chairs.