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Bathing Aids for the Disabled

Bathing Aids for the Disabled

There are many different types of bathing aids available on the market for the elderly, and disabled. Bathing aids promote bathroom safety for the elderly, and disabled. Bathing aids for the disabled also promote independent living.

Bathing aids help create an easier, more comfortable bathing experience. Some elderly, and disabled need assistance with bathing when using a traditional bathtub, and traditional bathing supplies. With bathing aids, most disabled can bathe independently.

Different types of bathing aids 

Walk-in bathtubs. The safest option for bathing, walk-in bathtubs have a low-step entry with door. Most walk-in bathtubs are made with non-slip floor, and seat grips. Some walk-in bathtubs include safety features, such as grab bars, and fast-drain systems. A good quality walk-in tub with installation costs somewhere between $10,000 and $15,000.

Bath Lifts. A cheaper alternative to the walk-in bathtub, bath lifts assist the elderly and disabled by lowering them into the bathtub, and raising them back into a seated position when they are finished bathing. Bath Lifts use a remote control on a battery operated system. A good quality bath lift costs around $600.

Grab Bars. Used for general bathroom safety in showers, bathtubs, near toilets, etc. Grab bars can range in price anywhere from $10 - $400.

Toilet Lift. Allows you to easily sit on the toilet seat. The toilet lift lowers you down onto the toilet, and raises you back up into a near standing position. Toilet lifts generally cost anywhere around $1,000.

Toilet Safety Frames. Come in several styles: grab bar, armrest. Toilet safety frames are generally used as a cane would be, for instance to assist you with sitting on the toilet. Toilet safety frames generally cost anywhere between $30 - $100.

Shower Chairs. Used in the shower for slip and fall prevention. Different styles of shower chairs range from stools, chairs, wheelchairs, etc. Shower chairs generally cost anywhere between $50 - $1,000.

Hygiene Aids. Include shower dispensers, back scrubbers, suction cup holders, shampoo basins, bath mats, portable showers, hygiene bags, one-handed nail clippers, curved shower rods, shampoo caps, grip handles, wash basins, etc.

Creating a Safer Bathing Environment 

Consider purchasing a walk-in bathtub. If this is not an option for you, you can make your bathtub safer by installing grab bars, transfer benches, and bath lifts.

Use non-slip bathtub mats, and non-slip seat cushions if you are using a seat in your shower/bathtub.

Keep bathtub, shower, and bath aid surfaces clean, as dirt and other build-up can create a slicker surface.

Wear a waterproof medical alert wristband, or pendant.

Keep a clear pathway in the bathroom, avoid clutter, and other miscellaneous hazards.