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Does A Stair Lift Affect The Value Of My Home?

Stairlift affect home value

One important factor to consider when deciding whether or not to install a stair lift is, what impact it may have on the future value of your home. Most stair lifts are bolted directly to the floor rather than to the wall, so that they can support the weight of the equipment as well as the weight of the person being carried up and down the stairs. While this is not a permanent fixture, removing a stair lift will certainly leave sizeable holes in the floor as well as potential damage to any carpeting you may have on the stairs. There may also be additional damage to the walls through normal use.

Overall, a stair lift won’t generally affect the overall value of your house. Unlike other additions, you won’t get back the money you spend on the lift through added value, but your home won’t depreciate either. The biggest impact you will face is an increase or decrease in the number of people interested in buying your home. In the past, realtors recommended that a stair lift be removed prior to putting your house on the market. With the growing number of people advancing in years, as well as the increased life expectancy in today’s society, this is no longer the case.

The bigger question then becomes whether or not a stair lift will work for you or against you when the time comes to sell. If the house is in a community intended specifically for senior citizens, then a stair lift might be a big advantage. If this is not the case, then it may have a slight negative impact, but generally won’t make a huge difference. Typically, if a potential buyer wants the house, but has an issue with the stair lift, then they will just ask for it to be removed prior to them moving in.

The most important factor to decide is ultimately your need for the lift. If a stair lift will aid you in getting around the house, and add to the number of years you can live independently, then it is definitely a smart choice.