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Does Medicare cover Stair Lifts?

Does Medicare cover Stair Lifts?

Like many Seniors, you're probably wondering... Does Medicare cover Stair Lifts? Unfortunately, the answer is that Medicare does not cover stair lifts. Stair lifts currently are not considered a medical necessity.

However, just because Medicare does not cover the cost of stair lifts does not mean that financial help is not available elsewhere.

What are your financial assistance options?

1) Veteran's Administration: Provides financial assistance to US veterans to assist with paying for their stair lift. Find out if you qualify for assistance by calling 1-877-222-VETS.

2) Area Agency on Aging: Funds may be available from the Older Americans Act Title III to help local seniors install stair lifts. Call 1-800-677-1116.

3) FHA (Federal Housing Administration): The FHA provides loans to help pay for your stair lift out of a mortgage insurance program. For more information, call 202-708-1112.

4) Banks: Many different banks, and financial agencies offer loans for stair lifts. Banks also offer reverse mortgages allowing you to turn your homes value into cash. Call your bank for more information.

5) Companies that sell stair lifts: Stair lift companies may offer payment plans, or discounts on used merchandise.

6) Digital Federal Credit Union: Offers special loans to people with disabilities. Visit to see if you qualify for assistance.

7) Tax Credits: You can deduct out-of-pocket costs for medical necessities on your federal income taxes. Get a letter from your family physician, and keep a copy of your prescription in your filing cabinet.

8) Medical Insurance: Some medical insurance policies are written to include medical necessities, such as stair lifts. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

9) Ebay or Craigslist: Check for used stair lifts on ebay, and craigslist. Although financing options are not available, you can pick up a used stair lift much cheaper.

Raising money for a stair lift:

When you are on a fixed budget it is difficult to come up with extra money. If you have exhausted the options above, and received little assistance, you may want to consider raising money on your own. Talk to your family, and ask for their help to collect donations.

There are websites that allow you to set up your own fundraisers, and collect money for your cause. Have your family help you put together a fundraiser, and spread the word. To reach the largest audience, have your friends and family share your fundraiser on Facebook, and other social media websites.

Create fundraiser boxes, and ask to display them at your church, or places you frequent, such as the beauty salon, barber shop, activity club, etc. Many people set aside funds out of their paychecks for charity donations. Do not be afraid to ask, because if you do not ask for help, people are not aware you need help.