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How to Find Walk-in Tub Replacement Parts

Walk-in Tub Replacement Parts

The demand for walk in tub replacement parts is increasing as the popularity of walk in tubs continues to grow. More and more walk in tubs are installed every day which leads to more and more warranties expiring as well. It’s not possible for us to list all of the walk in tub replacement parts for every possible make and model, but we can still give you some tips to keep your tub going long after the warranty is over.

There are numerous manufacturers for walk in tubs, and each one is continuously improving their product. Unfortunately for the consumer, this often means that parts needed for repairs aren’t offered by the company years later when the warranty has expired. As frustrating as this may seem, all is not lost!

Where to find walk-in tub replacement parts...

To help reduce the costs associated with the actual manufacturing, many walk in tub replacement parts are also used in appliances such as dishwashers, clothes washers, or hot tubs and other jetted tubs. Pumps, hoses, nozzles and gaskets can often be found by researching the part number on the internet. You would be surprised at how many times a part is actually manufactured by companies such as Whirlpool or GE. Even if the company where you made your original purchase doesn’t offer the walk in tub replacement parts that you need, you will usually still find these components in use in other equipment.

Helpful Tip: To find the part number, you can usually remove the side of your tub to locate the actual part in need of repair. Once this is located you should see a part number printed or engraved on it.

Example Pumps that fit walk-in tubs...

Waterway Genesis 5.5 amp 115V Pump w/ air switch

3/4HP 7 amp 120V Bath Pump w/ air switch

WOW Bath pump 1HP 9.7 amp 120V w/ air switch

Replacement Ozone Generators...

DEL Ozone MCD-50 Renewal Kit

In-line water heater replacement...

Whirlpool Bath Heater 120V 1.5kw

Replacement parts for off-brand walk-in tubs...

Unfortunately, as is the case with many of the things you purchase, you get what you pay for. What we mean by this is that unless you purchased your tub from a reputable company with American made tubs, you may be out of luck. Many retailers, and less reputable walk in tub companies, offer tubs at half the cost of other places. They are able to charge a much lower fee because they carry an inferior product. Often times this means that the walk in tub replacement parts aren’t available because the original tubs were manufactured in places like China where they mass produce products for a specific need and then quit making it. In fact, you usually can’t even get to the inside of the tub to find the parts without doing damage, and if you can then you generally will find parts that are not labeled and have no part number.

Always play it safe and buy with the future in mind by dealing with a reputable company that specializes in walk in tubs, not a company that offers every product under the sun.