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Kitchen Aids for the Elderly

Kitchen Aids for the Elderly

There are kitchen aids for the elderly, and disabled that most Seniors aren't even aware of. These kitchen aids are made to make life safer, and easier for the elderly, and disabled in the dining room, and kitchen.

The kitchen is a hazardous environment for seniors. There is a high risk for cuts, burns, and other dangerous accidents. Kitchen aids were designed for elderly, disabled, independent living at home, or for personal use in a restaurant.

Many accidents can occur in the kitchen. Some accidents are physically harmful, and others can just be very messy. Kitchen aids can make dining experiences less messy, and also assist in safe preparation.

The Best Kitchen Aids for the Elderly

  • Jar Openers – Designed to minimize stress on the wrist, and hands. A tool used for people with arthritis, inflammation, or other hand/wrist related injuries.
  • Easy Opener – Designed to open box tops, bottle caps, and pull tabs. A tool used for people with arthritis, inflammation, or other hand/wrist related injuries.
  • Easy Grip Knives – There are many different designs of easy grip knives for many purposes, such as carving, slicing, preparing, and dining. Easy grip knives are designed to keep the hands and wrist in a stress free position.
  • Plate Guards – Are designed to prevent food from being shoved off of the plate. Makes it easier to push food onto the utensil.
  • Plates/Bowls with Suction Pad Base – Dinnerware that sticks to your table, or tray.
  • Utensil Hand Clip – For people with difficulty grasping utensils, the utensil hand clip keeps utensils in place while you eat.
  • WallMountJarOpener – Provides an easier way of opening a screw lid, jar lid, bottle cap, etc. Mounts on the wall.
  • Bedside Beverage Holder – Made to clamp onto bed rails. Holds cups, cans, bottles, and glasses.
  • Clothing Protectors – A waterproof extra large protector that keeps your clothing clean while you eat.
  • Thomas Steady Arm – A writing aid for people with arm, and hand tremors. With the Thomas Steady Arm, a person can feed him or herself, turn pages, write, etc.
  • Pill Swallowing Cup – Designed to help the difficult swallower swallow medication easily without choking, or discomfort.
  • No-spill Drink Holder – Similar to a coaster, the no-spill drink holder has a raised edge to prevent your drink from spilling.
  • Spoon and Fork Holders – These holders slip on to standard sized utensils for assistance with gripping during meals.
  • Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw – Has four different flexible sections to allow adjustment at every angle.
  • IndependenceVacuum Lid – This is a spouted lid. Pushing a button releases small amounts of controlled liquid.