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Should I Buy A Used Stair Lift?

Should I buy a used stairlift?

The cost of a new stair lift can be expensive. Many seniors are on a set income, and have to carefully watch every dollar they spend, making sure to get the most out of their money. A used stair lift is certainly less expensive than a new one, but there are some downsides you will want to consider as well as potential future costs.

With a new stair lift, a professional comes in and takes measurements of the stairs and surrounding areas. They will take into account such things as entryways and doors near the stairs, and may make helpful suggestions such as an automatic rail lift to keep the railing out of the way when the unit is not in use. Whereas these things may not seem important, you should note that by taking these measurements they are able to custom fit the product to the exact specifications of your home, and make adjustments in the factory as needed prior to installation.

In addition to this, you will definitely want a professional to install your stair lift. Whether it's used or new, there are special considerations to take into account as well as potential local electrical and construction codes that may affect the installation process. Keep in mind that you are relying on this lift to safely transport either you or a loved one up and down the stairs EVERY time without fail. If there is a mistake that causes an injury, the future costs will be much higher than the few dollars you save.

Used stair lifts typically come without a warranty, or with a dramatically reduced warranty. The reason for this is because a used stair lift is not expected to last as long as a new one. The cost of a used stair lift may be lower, but buying a second one down the road, plus paying to have the old one removed as well as installation costs for another will far outweigh the initial costs of just buying a new one from the start. If you are dependent on your stair lift, you may find yourself regretting the decision to buy a used one of something like the motor goes out.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, and this is certainly true on the case of stair lifts.