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Types of Walk in Bathtubs for Seniors

Types of Walk in Bathtubs for Seniors

Walk-in Bathtubs for Seniors are large bathtubs with a self-sealing door. Some walk-in tubs have a chair height seat, however, the more basic versions of walk-in tubs do not.

The walk-in tub design creates a safe bathtub entry, and exit for seniors. Walk-in tubs actually require a low-step in, and out of the tub. This design makes the walk-in tub accessible to those with mobility issues. The walk-in bathtub for seniors, and the disabled takes up about as much space as a traditional bathtub.

There are about four different types of walk-in bathtubs available on the market. All of the walk-in tubs have doors. The door is what separates a walk-in bathtub from a traditional bathtub.

There are four different styles of doors to choose from. The type of door that you will need depends on your bathroom space, physical condition, and your needs. Some doors swing outwards, some inward, some doors slide, and swing upward.

Types of Walk-in Bathtubs for Seniors

The outward swinging door is large, and takes up more bathroom space. The outward swinging door walk-in tub is recommended by health institutions because in the event of an emergency, the person using the tub can be easily removed. These tubs are not very attractive, difficult to operate, and are very expensive.

The inward swinging door is designed for home use. The inward swinging door walk-in bathtub is much cheaper, and much more classy. Since the door opens into the bathtub, the walk-in tub itself requires less space in the bathroom.

The slide in bathtub door relies on a door track with a locking mechanism. This walk-in tub is newer to the market with a moderate price. This tub has an emergency feature similar to the outward swinging door: in the event of an emergency the door can be opened without draining the water out of the tub first.

The upward swinging bathtub door requires a person to lift the door up, and push the door down to close. This door can also be opened without draining the water out of the tub first.

Walk-in bathtubs for seniors, and the disabled are an excellent investment. The benefits of owning a walk-in bathtub are safety, security, comfort, and hydrotherapy. As we age, our range of motion becomes limited and can often be painful.

Many walk-in bathtubs feature hydrotherapy, otherwise known as water therapy. Generally speaking, hydrotherapy lessens the body's sensitivity to pain, and releases tight muscles.

There is no longer a need to worry about accidents because walk-in bathtubs are designed to reduce the risk of slips and falls. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when shopping for a walk-in bathtub.

  1. Make sure to check how many gallons your water heater holds, and compare it with how many gallons of water your walk-in tub holds.
  2. If you are concerned with buying American-made products, beware of companies that purchase their tubs in bulk from overseas, and sell them at a low-mid price range. Research the walk-in tub companies before making a final decision.