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Walk-in Bathtub: Safety for Seniors

Walk-in Bathtub: Safety for Seniors

I purchased a walk-in tub for my grandma, and it has been one of the best investments I have made since I started taking care of her. My grandma has very limited health problems, but she complains about aging, and how sometimes it just hurts to get around.

She uses a cane for walking, but often has problems bending at the knees. Simple tasks like sitting down, standing up, or lifting a leg over the bathtub are a real challenge for her. Unfortunately, not only is it physically challenging for my grandma, but it has also caused emotional distress. She gets upset with herself because she is not physically able to do things easily anymore.

A few months back I showed up at my grandmas house, and she was in tears. Apparently, she could not get out of the bathtub after taking a bath. Frustrated with herself, she used her shower curtain for leverage while using all her strength to pull herself out of the bathtub. I had seen enough, I could not watch my grandma live like that anymore. I immediately began researching bathtub options for the elderly.

This is when I discovered the walk-in tub for seniors.

The price of the walk-in tubs was very high, and very out of my budget. After thinking about it for a few days, I realized that I cannot put a price I would pay on providing a better quality of life for my grandma. If I am able to make everyday living easier for her, then what am I waiting for?

After the tub was installed I was extremely happy with my decision. I no longer had to worry about my grandma using the shower curtain to pull herself out of the bathtub, or worry about her falling and hurting herself. Besides, she was thrilled to have a “hot tub” with a door.

Since she has been using the tub, I have noticed an improvement in her attitude. It is amazing how changing something like a bathtub can make that big of a difference in someone's happiness.

Five reasons to purchase a walk-in bathtub:

  1. Prolongs Independence: Aching bones and joints can become a burden for seniors, and not having the ability to bathe independently can eventually lead to other problems, such as depression/anxiety.
  2. Easy to enter, easy to exit: The walk-in tub has a door that provides easy access for seniors to walk in, and out of their bathtub.
  3. Seating eliminates falls: The seat allows seniors to bathe comfortably without worrying about how they are going to stand up out of the bathtub.
  4. Wheelchair accessible (Some Models)
  5. Hydrotherapy: Treats muscle and joint stiffness, and promotes joint movement.

(Photo Credit: Premier Care in Bathing)