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Walk in Showers for the Elderly

Walk in Showers for the Elderly

There are many different types of walk in showers for the elderly offered by a variety of different companies. Walk in showers for the elderly, and disabled help them live independently. Walk in showers create easy access for entry, and exit.

The easy access entry, and exit create a safer bathing environment for the elderly, and disabled. Some of the different types of walk in showers available include the roll in, walk in, and step in showers.

Roll-in Shower – This is a shower with measurements at least 60 inches long, and 30 inches deep. One side of the shower is opened while the other three sides are enclosed. Grab bars are mounted on all three walls, and there is a clear floor space outside of the shower extending the entire shower length. These showers are designed for easy, roll-in wheelchair access.

Walk-in Shower – The walk-in shower is similar to the roll-in shower, but does not have the easy roll-in access, but more of a low-entry shower. These showers have a grab bar, and a seat according to your custom preferences.

Step-in Shower – The step-in shower has a door with low-entry step-in access. These showers also have many features according to your custom preference, such as grab bars, seating, etc. The difference between a step-in shower as opposed to a walk-in shower is with, or without a door.

Walk in showers help the elderly, and disabled live more independently. Walk in showers provide more space, and safety features than a traditional shower. One of the benefits walk in showers offer is the option to customize your shower to your specific needs, and wants. For instance, if bathing is difficult due to mobility issues, and a person is wheelchair bound, a roll-in shower might be the best option. The roll-in shower does not have any seating, and makes it easy to roll wheelchairs in, and out of. A walk in tub might be your better option if you prefer a wider entry with no door. Customize your shower to your needs, and make a safer environment by adding features, such as grab bars, seating, etc.

Walk in showers are made out of many different materials, such as acrylic, cast iron, fiberglass, vikrell, solid surface, tile, cultured marble, or tere-stone. Acrylic walk in showers are recommended because they are cheaper, easy to clean, easy to buff, and restore. Cast iron tubs are the least recommended because they are expensive, and require re-glazing for restoration over time. The best option for price, and safety is an acrylic walk in shower with grab bars, and seating. You can also customize your shower with stereo surround sound to make your experience more enjoyable.