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Does Medicare cover Mobility Scooters?

Need a Mobility Scooter, but can't afford it? Medicare Part B may help!

If you're on Medicare and have Part B coverage, you're in luck! You'll only need to meet certain requirements to qualify for a Mobility Scooter or Power Wheelchair with very little out of pocket cost.


  • You'll need to receive a written order from your doctor or licensed practitioner that outlines your medical need for a wheelchair or mobility scooter to use in your home.
  • You must have limited mobility and meet the following requirements...

- Currently have a health condition that causes problems when moving around your home

- Unable to complete activities of daily living (bathroom, dressing, in or out of bed or chair, etc...)

- Must be able to safely operate and get onto and off of the wheelchair or mobility scooter

- Mobility Scooter or Wheelchair must be safely usable inside your home (don't set your sights on an offroad/outdoor scooter)

Most of the time, Medicare will cover up to 80% of the cost of your Mobility Scooter, however you'll have to cover the remaining 20% as required by your Part B deductible. (For Example: If the mobility scooter costs $688.00, Medicare will cover $550.40 and your deductible amount will only be $137.60)

Now that you're aware of the costs...

You'll need to ask yourself if you have the upper body strength to handle a regular wheelchair (non-motorized). If you've answered yes, more than likely your doctor will say the same. If this is the case, you'll only be qualified for a Manual Wheelchair.

Now, if you don't have the upper body strength to become mobile with a manual wheelchair, you'll likely qualify for a powered mobility scooter or wheelchair instead. You'll still need to see your doctor for an exam, but if your doctor knows your condition well this shouldn't be a problem.

Unfortunately, it is not legal for a Wheelchair or Scooter company to provide a "Free" wheelchair/scooter at absolutely no cost to you. Gone are the days of "get your mobility scooter at no cost to you" from companies like Hoveround that are now out of business because of Medicare Laws.