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What is the best walker for the elderly?

What is the best walker for the elderly?

Walkers are the best tool for people who have difficulty walking, or balancing. There are so many different types of walkers on the market that it is difficult to determine which walker is best. There are different styles of walkers, for different purposes.

A standard walker has four legs with rubber feet. Rollators have four wheels, and glide more easily than standard walkers. Most rollators are equipped with a padded seat, and backrest. Standard walkers do not have seats, but some have pouches for storage.

Walkers, rollators, and knee scooters all serve different purposes. Most people choose rollators over walkers because they are easier to maneuver, and provide convenient resting options. Like a rollator, knee scooters also have four wheels, with a knee rest.

Traditional walkers are cheaper than rollators, and knee walkers. They serve a general purpose of walking assistance for people with limited mobility. Rollators are much more comfortable, and easier to operate than traditional walkers. The best walkers for the elderly are rated on their quality, durability, safety, and special features.

Top Rated Walkers for the Elderly

  1.  Hugo Folding Walker - Pros:This walker is a traditional walking frame with height adjustments. It has a 300 pound weight capacity, and non-slip ergonomic hand grips. This walker comes standard with a drink holder, front pouch, side pouches, and a limited lifetime warranty. The folding walker has an easy folding design. The Hugo folding walker costs approximately $250. Cons: rubber feet may scratch floor surfaces.
  2.  Nova GetGo Classic 4202C - This is a folding rollator with a padded seat, curved and padded backrest, vinyl pouch under seat for storage, and ergonomic hand grips. Special features include safety reflectors, and safety clip (to hold closed when folded). The Nova GetGo Classic costs approximately $110. Cons: may not fit through some doorways.
  3.  Hugo Elite Rollator - This rollator has a seat, backrest, and saddle bag included. It has quick assembly, and fits in most car trunks. There is a 300 pound weight capacity. The Hugo Elite rollator costs about $120.
  4.  Nova Cruiser Deluxe 4202 - This is a rollator that easily rolls over gravel, snow, grass, and other rougher conditions. It has a padded, curved backrest, and a comfortable wide seat. Brakes are easy to operate. Comes with a removable storage basket. The Nova Cruiser Deluxe costs about $160. Cons: Heavy.
  5.  Drive Medical 790 Steerable Knee Walker - This knee walker is best for people who have had ankle/foot surgery. It has a lifetime warranty on brake cables, and a limited lifetime warranty. This product is reviewed excellent in indoor conditions, and poor in outdoor conditions. The Drive Medical knee walker costs about $200.