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Why did my Mobility Scooter stop working?

Depending on the age, make and model of your mobility scooter, there can be a lot of different reasons why it may fail to function as it is designed. There are several common issues that many new, and even some seasoned, users typically run into.
The first issue is one that mainly happens to new users. You turn on your mobility scooter, hit the throttle, and instead of moving your scooter just sits there and beeps. Don't worry,there's nothing wrong with your unit. Most mobility scooters need to be on for about three seconds before you can take off. If you hit the throttle too soon, the scooter thinks that the throttle is out of balance and it won't go. Fixing the problem is easy. Simply turn the scooter off, turn it back on, and give it a few seconds before beginning to drive.
A second common issue is the scooter being out of gear. Nearly every mobility scooter is able to be placed into what is called "freewheel". This allows the scooter to be pushed manually in case the battery dies, or the scooter malfunctions in some way. A lever (typically found somewhere near the motor) engages and disengages the electric brake allowing you to push the scooter. When in freewheel mode, the scooter will not operate automatically. Find the lever and make sure it's locked in place. If you started the scooter while it was in freewheel, you're going to need to shut it off and turn it back on, otherwise it's still not going to do anything when you press the throttle.
The final issue nearly every mobility scooter owner faces is the battery. At some point in time your battery is going to need to be replaced. While this is inevitable, there are some things you can do to extend the life of your battery.The first step is to spend a little extra money up front and get a quality battery. A Deep Cycle Mobility (DCM) battery is designed for mobility scooters and should last an average of 3-5 years compared to many other types that only last between one and two years. 
The next thing to do is to make sure your battery is fully charged, This may seem simple, but batteries that are not used will still continue to weaken over time. If you go more than a couple of weeks without using your scooter, you should plug it in every so often to maintain the charge. In addition to this, you should charge your battery overnight. Even if the charger shows a green light after a couple of hours, a solid 8-12 hour charge will help maintain the life of your battery, This is especially true if you are able to consistently run the battery almost all of the way down through normal usage before charging.
Finally, and this also sounds simple, but many people fail at this step; make sure to read the owners manual. There is typically an entire page or two devoted to properly charging and maintaining the life of your battery. They put that information there for a reason. Read it!
Every owners manual has a troubleshooting guide for common issues related to each mobility scooter. If you are experiencing problems, always make sure to check your guide for a solution!