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What Restaurants offer Gluten Free Food?

Gluten free food is more common than it used to be. You can buy gluten free food at many local grocery stores, Whole Foods stores, and online on numerous websites. Many restaurants are also adding gluten free meals to their menus.

Gluten Free Foods for Home:

Grocery Stores (Kroger, Safeway, etc.) Gluten free food usually has its own section in the grocery store. You can find gluten free food in organic aisles, baking aisles, or ask an associate to assist you. Most gluten free foods are displayed together in a group, and not individually throughout the store.

The Gluten Free Mall (Online) Offers many different categories of food including bread, cereal, frozen foods, pizza, snacks, baking ingredients, condiments, donuts, vitamins, and more. Visit the Gluten Free Mall at

Whole Foods Market (Online)Order gluten free food online, and have it catered to your event(s). For more information visit

Amazon (Online)You can purchase different varieties of gluten free food online

Restaurants that offer Gluten Free Menus:


Burger King


Boston Market

Bonefish Grill



Don Pablo's


Olive Garden

Outback Steakhouse

The Melting Pot

Red Robin


PF Changs

Ruby Tuesday

Panera Bread

Traveling Gluten Free

Dine Gluten Free App. Do you have a smart phone? You can download a free “dine gluten free” app for a complete list of restaurant chains that offer gluten free food. You can also search restaurant reviews, and submit your own reviews. A great tool for the gluten free traveler.

Gluten Free Flights. Some airlines offer gluten free meals. Check with your airline to see if you can reserve a gluten free meal on your flight. Pack an emergency food supply of gluten free snacks as a back up plan in case you are unable to eat a meal during your flight.

Road Trips. If you are traveling long distances on the road, pack a cooler with your own gluten free food, and meals. Prepare your own sandwiches, and bring snacks with you. You can also find restaurant locations along your route that offer gluten free menus.

Locators and Other Apps. You can easily locate gluten free restaurants on the go by downloading apps for your cell phone, and tablet devices. If you have a cell phone, you can use search engines, such as google maps, yelp, etc. to pinpoint restaurants that offer gluten free menus.

Gluten free food is available for purchase at most grocery stores, and some smaller retailers nationwide. Call stores ahead of time, and ask if they carry gluten free products. Most grocers are familiar with gluten free foods, and can refer you in the right direction.