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Best Mobile Phones for Seniors

Best Mobile Phones for Seniors

With all the new technology coming out it is often hard to decide what the best mobile phones for seniors are. The best mobile phones for seniors are used for the purpose of making, and receiving phone calls.

Smart phones, no matter which model you are considering, are not the best option for seniors. Smart phones are used for phone calls, text messaging, internet surfing, e-mailing, and other social media. This can become confusing for seniors, as most of these features are not necessary.

 Best Mobile Phones for Seniors - Top 4

  1. Jitterbug – The Jitterbug appears to be the best senior-friendly mobile phone on the market. The Jitterbug is a Samsung flip phone with a large light-up numerical keypad with extra large text. The screen is bright, and the yes and no buttons make the phone options less confusing than other cell phones. This phone comes with a 24 hour operator that can help you set up medication reminders, and security service. Also, a live nurse is available through this service to assist you with health questions. This phone is about $99, plus a $35 activation fee with plans starting at $15 a month. Read Jitterbug Reviews
  2. Doro PhoneEasy 410 – This phone has a large separated keypad, and a bright colorful screen with large text that is easy to read. This phone has a two-way speakerphone, and emergency button on the back of the phone to contact emergency help when it is needed. This phone is available through Consumer Cellular, and costs about $25. This phone has a one time $35 activation fee, and plans start at $10 a month. No long-term contract required. Read Doro PhoneEasy Reviews
  3. Just5 – This phone has large buttons, a talk back feature, an emergency button feature, and can be used on any network. The Just5 sells for about $90. Read Just5 Reviews
  4. Clarity Pal – This phone also has large buttons, a talk back feature, an emergency button feature, and can be used on any network. The cost is approximately $100. Read Clarity Pal Reviews

The cheapest option of all may be to contact your personal cell phone provider, and see how much it would be to add a line to your plan. Most cell phone providers only charge around $10 per line, and offer free flip phones. Check with your provider to see if any of these listed cell phones are available to add to your plan.

Flip phones with larger buttons, and larger text are easier for seniors to operate. A flip phone looks more like a standard cordless house phone, and the larger text makes it easier to read without hunting for the reading glasses. Consider your loved ones medical conditions when shopping for a mobile phone.

If your loved one has health problems, you may want to consider the Jitterbug that offers a 24 hour nurse, with other security service, and medication reminders. However, if your loved one does not have any health problems, a cheaper phone with less features may be your best option.