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Top 4 Best Cell Phones for the Elderly

Top 4 Best Cell Phones for the Elderly

It can be hard to determine the best cell phones for the elderly person that's close to you, unless you know their specific ailments. Is it difficult for them to read small text, or is technology just something they're not too fond of?

We've put together a list of the Top 4 Best Cell Phones for the Elderly.  You've probably heard of at least one of these cell phones, but how does it actually compare to other elderly cell phone devices?  You'll be surprised at what we've found and hope to aid in your search for finding the best cell phones for the elderly person in your life.

Cell Phones for the Elderly

Most Cell Phones for Seniors are designed like a Cell Phone from the late 90's.  They are very limited in what features they offer and may not even offer text messaging. These phones are often the easiest for Elderly to use, as they don't have many of the other confusing options to distract and frustrate.

What's Most Important?

Do you or your loved one need a Nurse or Medic on speed-dial? This is something that should probably be standard on cell phones for the elderly, but surprisingly isn't always an available feature.  For those that suffer from memory problems, even remembering a three digit number "9-1-1" isn't all that easy in an emergency situation.

Cell phones that have the Emergency Button Feature our often the most sought after cell phones for the elderly.

What about a phone that's easy to read? Some of the best cell phones for seniors have extra large buttons for easy visibility of the buttons and numbers entered on the screen.  What some of us take for granted, prevents many seniors from being able to ever dream of using a mobile phone. Deteriorating eyesight is one very important point to take into consideration.

Hard of hearing? The best cell phones for seniors are those that are easy to hear out of, without interfering with an existing hearing aid. Some of the available phones have speakers which sound very distorted when using a hearing aid. This can be one of the most frustrating problems for Seniors and will most certainly result in the newly purchased phone being tossed in the nearest trash can.

Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

There are many different options available in regards to how you pay for your mobile phones for seniors. Most Seniors prefer to utilize the pre-paid plans as opposed to doing a contract.

Most of the cell phones for the Elderly are able to be purchased outright, without having to select a plan through a specific carrier.  This is most often the preferred route for seniors, as it doesn't lock you into a plan that may not suit your needs.

Your best bet is to choose the right phone for you, then check your available carrier options.  We'll help you determine which carrier will work best for your specific situation as well as which carrier is compatible with each phone.

There are different types of cell phones, that only work with specific carriers. (e.g. GSM phones only work with networks that support a sim card, unlike Verizon which requires a CDMA phone)