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Social Media for the Elderly

Social Media for the Elderly

There are many benefits social media has for the elderly. Social media keeps the elderly in touch with their family members, and friends. Social media provides entertainment, and opportunities to discover new interests.

Social media keeps the elderly connected to the community without having to physically leave the house. This technology is an easier way for the elderly to find social groups in their communities that appeal to their interests.

#1 Genkvetch Social Networking

Free registration, and user friendly apps for seniors with big fonts, simple color schemes, current events, volunteer opportunities, and other senior interests. Genkvetch does not allow advertisements, and is open to people of all religions. This social networking website is a good starting point for seniors new to social media.

#2 ThirdAge

Free registration, and apps including senior newsletters, videos, articles, polls, horoscopes, games,discussion boards, groups, etc.

#3 Seniorocity

An online networking community for people 40+. Applications include photo share, profile photos, profiles, and posting. Seniorocity is the Facebook alternative for older adults.

#4 AARP Online Community

A free social networking website for friends, and family to network, and share photos. Applications include games, photos, videos, senior news, discounts, etc.

#5 Eons

Free registration, and access to profiles, groups, brain games, puzzles, and pictures. Groups for different interests including travel, love, learning, health, money, and more.

#6 Rezoom

Free registration with access to blogs, community, shared photos, email, and online groups. This social networking website is an alternative to AARP. Focuses on interests, such as travel, entertainment, charities, and more.

#7 Multiply

Free registration with features including email, sharing, blog, photos, and more. Some additional features include tools, such as calendars, cards, and other creative media. Great for seniors who like to write, and take photos.

#8 Senior Chatroom

Free registration, and access to webcam chat. Features large print, and directions for online chatting.

#9 My Boomer Place

Free registration with access to forums, posts, quizzes, classifieds, videos, gallery, and more. Designed for season travelers over the age of 50.

#10 Boomj

Free registration with access to blogs, and video chat. Website may be under construction.

#11 Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites.You can select places you have lived, worked, gone to school, and more. Users that have a Facebook account can search for friends by name, or e-mail address, and add them to their friends list.

You can search for just about anything on Facebook, such as businesses, television shows, music artists, restaurants, etc. When you “like” a business page, news page, or any other page, their status updates will show up in your news feed. Get discounts, and other promotions from local businesses/restaurants.