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Top 10 iPad Apps for Seniors

Top 10 iPad Apps for Seniors

Yes, it sounds a little funny, but it's the truth. We've discovered that many of our website visitors (age 55+) are actually accessing the site using iPads or Android Tablets.

Unlike the old days of desktop computers where Seniors quickly gave up using such a complicated piece of technology, now Seniors have started to become a little more technologically advanced. Why? Because tablets were designed to be easy to use (even my 3 year old navigates it better than me). 

So, we've decided to put together the Top 10 iPad Apps for Seniors. Don't use an iPad? Don't forget to check out our Top 10 Android Apps for Seniors.

  1. Pageonce – For organizing, and tracking bills. You can even use online bill pay with this app. This app is ideal for anyone who has problems keeping track, and/or organizing bills.
  2. Find my iPad – By using a smart phone, or a computer, you can locate your lost iPad. Ideal for adults, and seniors who tend to lose things easily, often.
  3. Skype – face to face video conferencing. Chat with local, or long-distance with family and friends. One of the most popular video/audio communication apps worldwide.
  4. TED Talks – Free video lectures, and talks by scientists of the 21st century. Ideal for mental exercise, and entertainment.
  5. WeatherBug – Get weather forecasts, alerts, and view the local radar maps from the National Weather Service. A complete weather guide at your fingertips.
  6. Ibooks – The ebook reader for iPad. Easily adjustable font size, and brightness. Ideal for people with vision problems.
  7. WebMD – Free health information and news. Learn about health information, health insurance, drugs, supplements, pregnancy, and more.
  8. Med Reminder – Keep track of all medications, and time schedules. Ideal for seniors on a variety of prescription medications.
  9. Luminosity – Popular brain games for mind exercise. Ideal for seniors, and the elderly. These games are designed to enhance memory, attention, speed, problem solving, and flexibility. You can also track changes in your performance.
  10. Virtuoso Piano 3 – Play piano, and other instruments using this app. Ideal for the older musician.

These are the top ten iPad apps for seniors, and there are many more available with different purposes, and features. Smart phones, and iPads were created to make life more convenient for people. These apps are designed with seniors in mind.

You can download these top ten iPad apps for seniors, and more on your apple iPad store. There are many apps available for medical records, medication reminders, and other medical needs, such as blood pressure, etc. These apps will alert you when you have doctor appointments, and when it is time to take medication, and more.

Other apps are used for brain exercises, to keep the mind sharp, and alert. Some of these apps combine social interaction with gaming, such as Words with Friends, and other games. Other apps allow you to play musical instruments with your iPad.

There are many reasons to download iPad apps for seniors. Some apps make the screen(s) easier to navigate, so using the device is not as complicated to use. These apps feature a simple interface, larger fonts, and icons. Other apps for social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, or other senior social networking apps enhance social life, and communication for seniors.

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