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Top 12 Gadgets for Elderly People

Top 12 Gadgets for Elderly People

We've taken a poll of the Top 12 Gadgets for Elderly People. These are items that are used on a regular basis and make life a little easier for Seniors. Some of which actually surprised us, as we'd never even heard of them before. 

Take a look for yourself and possibly even get some really unique gift ideas for the Senior in your life! Though some of these gadgets are upwards of $100, you'll find that most on this list are under $50.

Top 12 Gadgets List

Digital Peephole Viewer: This device pops in your current peephole. It has a large, clear image, eliminating the fish eye visual. and you won't darken the peephole when you look out. This gadget is designed to improve front door security. Costs approximately $150.

Indoor/Outdoor Motion LED Light: This light can be used inside, or outside. It automatically turns on when motion is detected. This gadget is wireless, and battery operated. Costs approximately $30.

Staple Free Stapler: This gadget uses paper folding technology to interlock papers together. It is staple-free. This gadget does not require staples, and will not jam. Safe for children, and elderly. Costs approximately $20.

Door Alert Set:This gadget is a wireless alarm system that can be placed on doors, windows, and cabinets. You can set the chimes to loud alarm sounds, or pleasant chimes. Place around the house for added security. Costs approximately $25.

Wireless Key Finder: This gadget allows you to find your keys with the push of a button. Attach this device to your key chain, and keep the transmitter in a location, such as the counter, desk, dresser, etc. This gadget has a 50 foot range, and beeps loudly when the transmitter button is pushed. Costs approximately $35.

Electronic Rosary: This gadget prays the entire rosary for easy guidance. The voice will prompt you to recite the Holy rosary, and offers 3 different modes. The electronic rosary helps you stay focused without losing track. Costs approximately $50.

Touch Free Trash Can: This gadget runs on batteries, and automatically opens the lid when you approach the trash can. The sensors pick up movement from up to 10 inches away, and automatically close. Costs approximately $120.

Deluxe Mail Chime: This gadget has a sensor that sends a wireless signal to the receiver in your home when the mailbox is opened. The receiver will beep loudly, and flash red LED lights. No more walking to the mailbox to check the mail. Costs approximately $70.

Home Heart Check: This gadget is recommended for people concerned with their heart health. You can take ECG readings at any time, and send them to your doctor on the computer. Costs approximately $280.

Simple TV Remote: This gadget is a basic remote with limited buttons for less confusion. It powers the TV, changes channels, and controls volume. Costs approximately $40.

Hands Free Paper Towel Dispenser: This gadget works with all brands of paper towels. It detects the perforation line, and tears perfectly. Costs approximately $100.

Wireless Forecast Station: This gadget features three different weather forecasting icons that updates every four seconds. Also has a time display, and low battery indicator with a 12 month battery life. Costs approximately $35.