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I have been helping my husband install jacuzzi walk in tubs through aging in the home. I like traveling and working with my husband and I enjoy working in peoples home knowing that when we leave they will be able to use the tub and hopefully have increased mobility and comfort with pain and any other trouble that a walk in tub could help with.

I do feel the price is high but compared to other products jacuzzi is worth it. I do wish they were more affordable so more people could have them who need them.

I have never had the opportunity to use the tubs. I do hear wonderful things about them. I hear about How they have helped with pain caused by diabetes and circulation issues. The most common complaint is filling and draining time. It takes approximately 12 to 15 minutes to fill and five minutes to drain. I do hear that jacuzzi is trying to remedy to by increasing the size of the water in from 1/2" to 3/4". I suggest having a towel handy since leaving the tub isn't much of an option with someone who has limited mobility during this time.

The quality of this product is the best I've seen. The tub is made from a fiberglass shell over a powdercoated steel frame. Unlike other brands these tubs offer 6 or 10 fully adjustable jacuzzi jets (hydrotherapy) along with their aroma therapy which is 16 pure air holes which create a bubbling of the water. This tub also comes with the option of chroma therapy which is a led light with thousands of hours of bulb light (led).

We have installed hundreds of these units during the two years we have been working this job. We have gotten this down to a one day install for most homes and we leave happy customers. We currently install in five Midwest states and feel that we make a difference in peoples lives, making it possible for them to bath in the comfort of their home.

This tub is easy to use. The handle for the door is located just on the inside of the door. It pulls up and the door opens in. There is a 6 inch step to get in and once in just relatch the door. The drain control is in an easy reach and the faucet isn't very far from the drain lock. The faucet has a hot and a cold valve. The faucet has a diverter valve for the handheld shower. There is an option for a grab bar/slide bar to hold the hand held for a shower option.

Of the tubs we have installed jacuzzi is the best. As with all purchases do your research and know what you're buying. I really hope this helps inform to make a decision and hopefully I will get to meet you during your installation.


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